Why should I do TRS?

TRS provides a driver with a recognized and relevant single seat category and the experience gained in competition will develop both your driving skills and race craft. This "one design" series is extremely competitive with the very best drivers from different series around the world coming together to compare their skill level.


How do I enter?  

Make contact with us through this website, we will forward your details to the series coordinators who will then provide you with a contract outlining the obligations of all parties. This contract is between you and the series and your series fee will be paid direct to the series, not the team. This makes for a safe transaction for you, the series then engages the services of Victory Motor Racing to look after you. 


Can I be assured of fair and even competition?

All the cars are owned by the series and prepared to a very high standard by them, not the individual teams. Although it can vary from year to year, Data from the fastest lap of every session is shared between teams. TRS management monitor the Data of every competitor closely to ensure parity of chassis and engine. Motorsport NZ officials carry-out post race technical checks on at least 4 cars after qualifying and each race. This is a drivers championship where a good working relationship between driver, engineer and the team will be rewarded with results.


What is the series format?

Click in the Calendar tab for latest information. The likely format is 5 rounds running consecutively with 5 test sessions, 2 qualifying sessions and 3 races at each round.


What is the likely cost?  

Please discuss directly with the series current costs and what you can expect for this. Your series fee generally includes entry fees, car lease, tyres, fuel, insurance etc, this is an "arrive and drive" series.


Is there any assistance available? 

From time to time Victory Motor racing has been able to provide assistance through sponsors sourced by ourselves but this is limited. The Kiwi Driver Fund provides some funding to Kiwi drivers arranged directly with the series.