Racing management

The Toyota Racing Series is an independently organised Motorsport New Zealand championship with technical support and backing from Toyota New Zealand Limited.

The TRS Category and Operation Managers will be jointly run by Nicolas Caillol "Nico" and Sarah Brown. A team of engineering technicians are responsible for building engines and assembly and preparation of cars before delivery to race teams and provide support to competitors at the race track. Amanda Tollemache is the Administration and Logistics Coordinator with the overseeing of hospitality. The Toyota Racing Management team has many years experience in a number of facets of the motorsport industry both in New Zealand and overseas.

Further support is recruited from outside to undertake specialist tasks, the Toyota Racing Management team growing to over 20 staff on race weekends.
It’s another tangible reminder of the huge commitment Toyota has made to motor racing in New Zealand. The heart and nerve centre of the Toyota Racing Series – where every essential function is carried out during the year between each championship is the headquarters at Hampton Downs Raceway.
The TRS base includes offices where the management team carry out all the admin and organisation tasks of the series and the main workshop area at Hampton Downs Raceway houses many of the series race cars which are stripped and rebuilt between each season.

The area at the rear of the workshop, houses engine building rooms, carbon fibre composite rooms, machining facilities and the series new state of the art Superflow Dynometer. All series engines are stripped and rebuilt prior to the start of each season and are then run in and output checked on the Dyno, prior to installation in the race cars.
Also stored at the base are the TRS teams transporters, motorhome and several containers that are shipped to each event which contain marquee pit garage and series equipment.

A unique facility in New Zealand and one that the TRS team are very proud of.