The Chris Amon Trophy

Chris Amon is rated as one of the world’s finest drivers ever to have lined up on the grid.

In the prestigious F1 Racing magazine’s list of the 100 Greatest Formula One drivers of all time you’ll find Chris Amon right up there at slot number 33 ahead of Bruce McLaren (50) and Denny Hulme (39) and the likes of Rubens Barrichello (48=) and Jaques Villeneuve (36).

Amon led race after race and won respect from the teams he drove for because of his driving capability and technical skill. After he drove for Ferrari the great Enzo Ferrari continued to trust his judgment and regard him as one of the best test drivers to get behind the wheel at Maranello.

Returning home after 96 F1 starts, Chris Amon began a long and successful association with Toyota, playing a key role in the testing, specifications and fine tuning of New Zealand’s most popular cars. Anyone who has scorched round the track with Chris in a Corolla will appreciate how much passion he put into getting suspension set-ups just right for Kiwi drivers!

The Chris Amon Trophy is awarded each year to the overall Toyota Racing Series Champion and will be a step toward the single seater driver’s ultimate goal – Formula One!